Donate, help us to help others. shop and raise funds for those in need.
Donate, help us to help others. shop and raise funds for those in need.

 Here at Hungrystreets we want to share the stories of the Women, Men and Children who live in unfortunate circumstances.


Together we can help those in need and positively impact their lives.


What Would You Do to Survive Homelessness?

Would you climb into a dirty dumpster filled with trash, because at least inside a Dumpster you would be shielded from the wind and covered from the cold?

Would you find your way into a dark and abandoned building, huddle under newspapers, and try to ignore the rats scrambling on the floor around your feet?

Would you escape underground to the subway and lie on the dirty floor, praying that no one will kick you or hurt you while you sleep?

If you were a homeless kid, you might do any or all those things ... you might not have a choice.

  • Just under 28,000 kids in our crisis shelters, long-term residential programs, the Mother/Child program and our Community Service Centers located in neighborhoods across the United States, Central America, and Canada

  • More than 28,000 helped through Street Outreach Programs, where staff and volunteers search in vans and on foot for kids in desperate need

Youth homelessness robs our communities of the potential talent and energy of these young people. They are our future, and they need our support.

Click here to end Homelessness.

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