Donate, help us to help others. shop and raise funds for those in need.
Donate, help us to help others. shop and raise funds for those in need.

 Here at Hungrystreets we want to share the stories of the Women, Men and Children who live in unfortunate circumstances.


Together we can help those in need and positively impact their lives.


Being Homeless

Click here to help end homelessness.

I am one of the forgotten ones the ones who people call dirty, smelly and… I don’t know what else. Suddenly I hear the sound of footsteps, hope filled inside me, my back straightened, my eyes lightened and then sadness struck me as the 1529th careless person walked straight past me and didn’t even notice me. Whoever it was didn’t even care to look into my teary eyes or even say hello. All I want is somewhere to sleep, to wash and to eat, that’s all I want. My whole life it’s been my dream to have a family, a home maybe even a few kids. Now I just thought about it I would like to have two little people to talk to, to take to school, to soccer practice. I hate being alone and having nowhere to stay. I get so cold and lonely out here on my own. Hang on do you hear that?

I hear a car, suddenly excitement jumped into me, look they are rolling down their window. They’re offering a place to stay, to wash and to eat, it’s a dream come true. Wait this could mean family, a home oh how I wish I could tell you how excited I am. That’s it, there is no more miserable, dreaded life. I am taking the offer and bye bye being homeless and welcome happy, new dream come true. In my past life I was homeless and miserable but now in my new life it’s a dream come true. I have a wonderful wife and two beautiful children and we live in a wonderful cosy home. Every weekend we all go somewhere as a family and we always enjoy ourselves where ever we are. I finally found my place in this world. That’s all there is I can tell you about my not so miserable, dreaded life.

Click here to help end homelessness.

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