Donate, help us to help others. shop and raise funds for those in need.
Donate, help us to help others. shop and raise funds for those in need.

 Here at Hungrystreets we want to share the stories of the Women, Men and Children who live in unfortunate circumstances.


Together we can help those in need and positively impact their lives.


City pays 3 homeless men after cops threw out their belongings, New York City

Proving the old adage that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, the city has paid $1,515 to three homeless men whose belongings were thrown out by cops and sanitation workers.

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Timmy Hall, Floyd Parks and Jesus Morales filed claims against the city in December 2015 after their ouster from an East Harlem encampment about a month earlier. The claims said the police illegally seized and discarded Social Security cards, birth certificates, medication and other property.

A video captured the incident, which shows sanitation workers tossing their belongings in a trash truck. Click here to help end homelessness

The men were seeking a combined $1,515 plus unspecified emotional damages.

“I’m grateful that the city is paying me back for the things the cops stole from me because I’m homeless, I need new shoes and a warm jacket, and my disability benefits aren’t enough,” said Parks.

City reps did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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