Donate, help us to help others. shop and raise funds for those in need.
Donate, help us to help others. shop and raise funds for those in need.

 Here at Hungrystreets we want to share the stories of the Women, Men and Children who live in unfortunate circumstances.


Together we can help those in need and positively impact their lives.


Jenny walks the streets

Meet Jenny.

Jenny walks the streets of this busy city passing hundreds of people every day, watching people enjoy the day with smiles on their faces. Wearing nice clothes and eating delicious food.

But jenny feels invisible, as eye contact is a rare occurrence.

Only when we at Hungry streets stopped and started to talk to Jenny did we understand the harsh reality of her story.

Jenny has been homeless for 3 years since leaving home at the age of 14.

At the age of 10 Jennies mother moved her boyfriend of one month into their family home. Soon after, her step dad we will call Dave, started to abuse Jenny.

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This went on for some time until Jenny told her mother. When confronted, Dave gave Jennies mother a choice, either Jenny goes or he goes. Jennies mother asked Jenny to leave that same night.

At 14 Jenny, had nowhere to go, the first week Jenny spent her nights sleeping in parks and shop fronts. Due to being physically and mentally abused she no longer trusts parks as an option.

Shop fronts, empty building anywhere warm is now her refuge for the night. Jenny admits food is an issue, mostly coming from kind hearted individuals and some bin scrummaging.

On a few sad occasions Jenny, has resorted to selling herself for as little as $2. This has always been a last resort? Unfortunately, it’s becoming more frequent.

Jenny is a wonderful, kind human being who has had a poor start in life with little family support. We at Hungrystreets regularly clothe and feed Jenny, when possible. Our intention is to get Jenny support in the way of homeless shelters, soup kitchens and long term accommodation.

This is a long, difficult process that requires time and funding, both have restrictions.

Please help us help Jenny and others like her become their potential, and experience what we take for granted. Jenny is not unique, there are Jennies in your community. Help homeless people today.

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Bless you and thank you, James.

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